it can become very complicated

the condom should be free of charge? or, at least, less expensive?
bob sinclair: already, the condom is not accessible to all. we have to be realistic. the two major brands of condoms are still expensive. after that, it may not be free of charge. it is important that these companies are. but if you want wigshumanhair quality, it is very expensive. for young people, it can become very complicated.

beyond that, to be in contact with young people of 16, 17, 18, the condom is something that is completely foreign to them. they believe it cannot happen to them. it is important to understand that a virus can’t choose according to skin colour, sex, age or sexual orientation. a virus is a virus.
what do you say to people who are not.

bob sinclair: i don’t want to play the moral high ground. all i can say is that the condom does not only protect against the deadly disease. it is also a birth control device. above all, we must not be selfish and think about his own pleasure. we have to think of the others full lace front wigs. then, use condoms.